FREE delivery on orders of €50 or more in Ireland
FREE delivery on orders of €50 or more in Ireland
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Green Friday 2022

Green Friday is the new Black Friday - Get up to 50% off selected clothing, accessories and gifts!

Offer ends Sunday 27th November at midnight.

Please support small independent businesses like mine when shopping for your Winter wardrobe and Christmas gifts. Did you know for every sale I receive, my shops app on my phone makes a 'CHA CHING' sound and everyone in my house shouts 'WOOHOO' at the top of their voices, no matter what room they are in. I genuinely do a little happy dance with every purchase you make, because every single sale is a pat on the back for all my hard work and reassurance that I'm doing something right. Small businesses like mine with no staff (it's just me) literally do every single task involved in running a retail shop.....ordering stock, creating retail prices, photographing stock, adding stock online, merchandising, bookkeeping, packing orders, customer service, marketing, social media, sales and the list goes on (and on). It is a lot of work and very varied work but we love it. Oh and don't forget it's not just the 'CHA CHINGS' that support small businesses, all your shares and comments on our social media content, the chats about us to your friends and family, help us be seen and to find new customers. So I would like to thank each of you for all your wonderful support this year, as always my Style Family are the best xx