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Styling Services

Wardrobe Restyle

The majority of women really do believe that they have nothing to wear and the main cause of this is having too many unwearable clothes in your wardrobe. Most wardrobes are overflowing with items that don’t fit, items that need altering, items you have nothing to match. You spend your life wearing the same clothes over and over again because they’re the items at the front of you wardrobe and the only items you can see. Instead of hitting the problem head on, us ladies like to go out and buy more and more clothes. Which of course will get you out of today’s problem but once you’ve given your new purchase it’s first outing it then gets added to your overflowing wardrobe, creating more of a headache. After a Lainey Style Wardrobe Organisation, I promise never again will you scream at your wardrobe that you’ve nothing to wear. No longer will you get that fear ‘but what will I wear?’ when you’re invited somewhere.

You will discover how to dress to flatter your body. You will learn what colours compliment you. We will organise and downsize your wardrobe. You will know what’s in your wardrobe and I will create a shopping list of items that will help you wear your clothes more. Every time you purchase something new you will be excited to bring it home to wear with your wardrobe. Last minute invites will no longer phase you as you will now have a wardrobe containing endless outfit possibilities that are easy to put together last minute.

Cost: €50 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours

*Travel expenses may apply

Contact Elaine on or +353(0)868206850


Personal Shopping

Let Elaine take you to your local town or your favourite shopping centre. During a fun relaxed trip you will learn,

- How to dress your body shape

- How to make shopping fun and successful

Your shopping trip can be tailored to shop for a special occasion, a new season or for wardrobe hero basics.

Cost: €50 per hour

*Travel expenses may apply

Contact Elaine on or +353(0)868206850















Group Style Session

Get together with your group of close friends or make it a work event with your colleagues for a fun styling session. During this 2 hour styling session you will learn

- How to Accessorise and wear your clothes more

- How to look stylish everyday

- How to Shop for your Wardrobe

- Endless Style tips

Cost: €250 max 20 people

*Travel expenses may apply

Contact Elaine on or +353(0)868206850