The Berry Earrings Silver – Lainey Style

The Berry Earrings Silver

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These elegant earrings have been inspired from the "star berries", blueberries. Blueberry blessings have certainly abounded in North America.  They have been yielding nutritional and medicinal gifts for centuries.  Americans can therefore thank these lucky stars for such divine bounty. The classic hoops created with several "berries" becomes a beautiful round shape that fits perfect on your ear. Those earrings are multi-functional and can be worn in two different ways. Either only the clean simple stud or together as a bigger earring.

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Materials: Made in alloy and three layers of 18k silver metal plating for optimum durability. The pin is made of surgical steel to prevent allergies

Berry splash design: 2,2 cm SUPER LIGHT

Free from Lead, Nickel & Cadmium

Eco Friendly Production

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